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Are you looking for answers? Trying to find who you really are? The best way to live a life full of joy, fulfillment, love and laughter? Are you wondering what path is best for you? How you could be happy, give meaning to your life, or simply live to the fullest? Free yourself from anxiety and stress in order to fully enjoy life? Do you want to refocus, reconnect with those around you or reflect on your life?

Bravo and welcome on your personal evolution path! It is by questioning yourself and seeking your true self that everything begins, because you alone possess the answers you seek. Let yourself be supported in this adventure with our practical tools allowing you to let go of the fear and anxiety; learn to listen and trust your intuition with our personalized guidance and inspiring articles.

All your greatest dreams are within your grasp, so let the flow of life carry you, listen to your inner guide and enjoy your life at every moment! 

If you don’t know where to start, follow these simple precepts:

Follow your heart, be kind!

Be patient and listen!

Breath and let go!


Today I choose to Live in Righteousness, Benevolence and Love.  



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Today, I open myself to novelty, for my greatest good and that of everyone around me!



In order to provide you with maximum support in your quest for personal evolution, we offer you tools, articles and guidance in open access on YouTube and downloadable on the shop.

Thematic articles are added regularly in order to feed your reflection and make you discover authors, creators and other light workers. 

Consider leaving comments to let us know your needs, share our content to support the project and pave the way for new exchanges!

Create your life with love and kindness!

Become the best version of yourself!

Grow your consciousness and vigilance!


 Today, I decide to create my life by listening to my heart!



In the turmoil of everyday life, it is important to remember that every word and every action touches the whole world through the magic of inter-connectivity. 

At every moment, it is therefore essential to be vigilant, in order to become aware of the archaic patterns, negative emotions and hasty judgments that must be freed in order to create a new world based on love and kindness!

Use the golden compass of unconditional love to be guided on a daily basis; it is by embodying each of these values that love is incarnated in matter!

I am light by laughing!

I am open by smiling!

I am attentive and open! 

I have time, I slow down!


I choose to live by my values, as best I can, every day.



Anne-Lise Pollet*Anne-Lise Pollet

In order to find peace and joy in every moment and live a fulfilling life, it is essential to know and accept each other as we are. 

At your side in the discovery and acceptance of your true nature, I answer to all your requests and guide you in the interpretation of the messages that Life sends you.

Ask your questions, concerns and issues freely to receive personalized intuitive guidance!

Request a guidance now in the shop!


Today I listen to my intuition, in order to perceive the messages of the Universe.



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