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Dec 10, 2019

Message of the day
Today we are asked to reconnect with our soul, to analyse our relationships and what we accept to do out of love. We must understand that our achievement requires a radical authenticity, so if we agree to compromise our personal integrity to be loved by someone or belong to a group, we are not fair to ourselves. So we need to rethink our lives from a new perspective, to find out where we got lost.

When did we compromise our true beliefs to be loved or accepted? What have we accepted in the name of love and which is profoundly wrong for us? We must commit ourselves to never accept this kind of behavior and to restore fairness in our lives now!

The Universe has another message for us, this could be the solution to our discomfort and our questions, but we do not allow it the place to communicate with us, our lives and our heads are full of projects! We must therefore remain silent in order to give it the opportunity to contact us and reveal the messages we need!

While we do not respect the truth of our being, we must ask ourselves whether our present position allows us to create our highest destiny with accuracy. If we let events or people define ourselves and that makes us sick, we must restore our inner truth! Our behavior and encounters do not define us, we can take responsibility for our choices and actions, so we have the power to intervene to change our lives!

In silence, we must explore the heaviness and the pain we currently feel in our life, where the fluidity is absent we will find what still holds us back, these famous compromises that prevent us from embodying our personal truth.

Note down on a piece of paper the moments of our life when we did not respect ourselves, when we agreed to wear a mask to be loved or accepted by someone. These moments are the illustration of an archaic pattern of thinking, which, to allow us to survive, encourages us to fit in to protect ourselves. Today we are aware that our greatest strength derives from our authenticity, because when we are aware of our own value, no one can touch us.

Once the paper is filled, it will have to be burned in a suitable place or torn, repeating the following words:

"Here and now, I detach and release myself from old patterns and burdens that do not allow me to incarnate my highest vibration. By this flame (or "by this ritual" if you wish to tear the paper) I purify all the toxic relationships and situations of my life, I open myself to the wisdom and infinite love of the Universe, thank you for allowing me to let go in order to fully embody my truth!"

Thoughts of the day
To illustrate the draw of the day, I would like to share a reflection on the franchise Star Wars! Why talk about this topic? Because I think that this story illustrates well what we have to face every day: our dark side!

I thought that individuals who “fall” to the dark side are ultimately injured and suffering, most of whom think they deserve it and continue to suffer all their lives. Without hope or will to get out, they accomplish terrible things and think they belong only to the dark side because they believe that their actions define them and that they cannot act on their lives. It is the infernal spiral, which locks them in a false image of themselves, which they nourish with their own suffering.

Now we enter into a subject that goes beyond the framework of the story, but that we live every day: how pain, shame, anger and guilt make us believe that our value depends on the eyes of others and the actions we take in the world!

There’s this expression that says, “You don’t judge a person on what they say, you judge them on what they do.” According to me, when we enter into judgment, we respond to our conditioning!

We naturally generate conditioning, when we go to school we are conditioned to behave in certain ways, we are taught the rules of society and how to behave with each other! But the most powerful ones are usually those of which we are not aware of and which make us react instinctively!

To liberate ourselves from our suffering and to embody our truth, we must therefore get out of our conditioning and restore our inner truth by taking back our power to choose, feel and act. What we accept today has an impact on our lives; to change in the long term, we need to generate healthy habits that we can use and change if need be. That’s what the exercise today is all about: identifying what’s not right in our lives, the times when we allowed these disturbances to enter and choose to liberate ourselves symbolically by burning them and actively by making a commitment never to let us down again!

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