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Dec 09, 2019
Destiny profile - Presentation

As much as an astrological profile, the runes can provide indications of our fundamental destiny, enlightening parts of our being that are still hidden from us but that we may feel naturally within ourselves.

The destiny profile is intended for all those who want to know more about the energies that will accompany them all their lives in order to accept them, transmute them into light and naturally vibrate to their highest potential .

This six-rune draw will answer six fundamental questions which will guide us throughout our lives to maintain a lasting inner peace, vibrate and embody unconditional love, revere all life and beauty in the Universe.


The first question addresses our profound nature, that which is present at every moment in the back of the mind, it represents a part of our fundamental truth, that which impels us to act towards our dreams.

Your nature expresses a remarkable capacity for work, commitment and perseverance. You take the time to do good things and never despair in the face of difficulties, you are able to achieve all your goals if you take the trouble to believe in yourself, your abilities and your dreams. Jera tells you that when you have made a decision, you are fully committed and have all the capabilities to achieve your goals even if they change along the way. You have to trust yourself.

The second facet seeks to answer the fundamental question of our coming to Earth: why were we born in the body that we currently inhabit at this moment in this very place. What should we learn from this body and the destiny that is reserved for us and that we chose before our incarnation? How can we surpass ourselves by experiencing matter?

The rune of immobilization, Isa, tells us that your creative force is such that it demands to be controlled so as not to destroy or hurt you. Isa is also a sign that your soul is ready to start a new cycle; you have come into the world to experience patience. Become aware of your personal power, accept it and discover in immobilization the benefits and tools to build your future. You have come into the world to experience a new spring, but to do so, you must survive the winter.
Believe in yourself!

The third facet will indicate our fundamental vocation, what destiny expects of us, what we must realize and embody in our lives to make our soul vibrate at a higher level.

Teiwaz, the rune of temperance, is also that of the inner combat that rages in each being. What you must accomplish in this life is nothing more than overcoming yourself, becoming aware of who you really are, going in search of your darkness and your light, and then accepting them completely.
Mindfulness is your goal, remain true to yourself at every moment, respect yourself and wait to receive all the gifts that your nature offers you. You can do it!

The fourth facet opens the way to our fundamental destiny, the most perfect expression of the life we can lead, our ideal of existence.

Perth, the spiritual quest, indicates that you are a researcher, your ability to see beyond the veil of illusions and always seek to become better raises you naturally above the flow and ebb of daily life. Your destiny is a quest for meaning, this quest will lead you as far as you allow yourself to go.
You are blessed and the universe is your guide, listen to yourself and to the messages of the Universe to grow in wisdom, strengthen your will, and show the way to those who need it by simply remaining yourself.

The fifth facet of our being represents our burden, what we have come to work onto in this life and which will regularly present to us to make us aware of our progress and our wisdom.

The rune of letting go, Othila, tells you that throughout your life there will be opportunities for you to let go; on different levels, with different people, on different subjects, this life offers you the possibility of freeing yourself from control in order to allow the Universe to intervene in your life to manifest all that you will need. Othila is also there to help you work on trust and faith: in life, in yourself and in those around you.
To let go is to accept to lose in order to receive better, to stop clinging to what does not belong to you: a cultural heritage, toxic behaviors, an idea of yourself etc. Accept to look yourself in the face and forgive yourself, you are capable of great things, take responsibility for your actions and release yourself from the burden of judgment, you will feel happy you did!

The sixth facet gives us the opportunity to receive what in our lives harmonizes us with our deep being, our physical being and our emotional being. From this harmony comes our unity and the fundamental connection with the Universe.

Raido, the rune of reconciliation and union through communication, informs you that your personal integrity, your centre, your inner peace derives from your ability to communicate your emotions correctly. It is by becoming aware of your needs and sharing them kindly that you will be able to find your center.
Thus you will find the strength you need to follow your path and fulfill your truth with joy and love.
Now listen to yourself!

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