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Dec 03, 2019
Divinatory oracle - Presentation

The divinatory oracle is a guidance specifically tailored to answer your personal questions in all areas of your life. The cards and oracles are selected using a pendulum from a selection of inspiring and wise games.

This tool, because it is a tool I want to talk to you about today, was designed to allow you to refocus to the present moment, to make right decisions about yourself and your deepest desires. It allows you to approach your life from the perspective of here and now, in order to free yourself from the chains of fears generated by projections emitted toward your future.

So it won’t tell you what’s going to happen in your lives in the next few months, no, it’s going to do better than that, it will allow you to guide your reflection on what you really want right now and give you the tools to succeed in manifesting and building in your life what is most perfect for you!

It is by freeing yourself from your expectations about how you wish to achieve your goals, that you allow the energies of the universe to bring you what you really need, what is just and most beautiful for you! Do you really want to create a life that is only as good as you can imagine? Or do you want to live the life that is the most perfect expression of yourself?

Here’s how it goes:
After receiving your request with your question or description of your situation, I connect to your energies through the name and address indicated at the time of the order. So be sure to fill this part carefully!

I then ask the Universe to assist me in order to receive correct messages for you, then I ask one of my pendulums to help me select the games that will answer with the most precision to your questions.

I then draw the cards and write a complete analysis indicating the information summarizing your situation, the advice provided by the oracles. Depending on the inspiration sent by the Universe, these informations can evolve, the message can be very short and powerful, or very long and detailed.

Keep in mind that I transmit the messages that are sent to me through my guides, the oracles and the Universe itself; the energies that are sent to me, as well as the messages I give you react to your state of mind and your positioning in this plan of existence.
Your responsibility in listening to and applying the advice provided is therefore very personal! I can only advise you to listen to your heart with authenticity!

If you need additional support
, you can contact me via a contact form or request an appointment by chat on Skype. I am listening to you, I know how difficult it can be to be patient, to listen and to be temperate in difficult times. Keep believing, it is from your commitment to remain true and authentic that derives your true wealth!

Be the light and change you want to see in the world!