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Votre panier est vide

Continuer vos achats

Mar 18, 2020
Perfect health guidance

The challenge of daily mindfulness.

In regard of the present situation, which can be a source of tension and concern, I would like to add my luminous participation to that which many light workers have already shared. Faced with a new challenge, the Universe sent me this message on the morning of March 17th 2020, and I hope it will help as many people as possible find love, trust and joy in their lives.

I will explore the current situation from four different angles, to allow the body, heart, mind and soul of each individual who will read or listen to these words to be harmonized individually and globally. Know that your commitment to your well-being radiates around you, you share and create your life; through your vision of the world, your state of mind and your behaviors, you shape your reality.

Keep trust and faith, for it is a message of love and hope that comes to you.


The emotional plan is very heckled at the moment, fear is strongly felt in your daily life, while you are being imposed new behaviors; powers outside of your will force you to take a time out and you are asked to take advantage of it to face your shadow gently. The opportunity to transmute collective patterns presents itself and opens you to new possibilities.

The cards ask you to believe that you are in your rightful place
and, thus, that everyone is totally protected and welcomed by the infinite love of the Universe, in life as in death; your heart is the seat of your soul, you are asked to trust it, to listen to it's advice and to observe the situation with the eyes of intelligence, so as not to be deceived by appearances.

The shadow is the part of you tat you try to ignore by all means because it is scary; so fear flees from fear and leads you to ignore a reality that is nevertheless part of life and the natural cycles that govern the Universe.

Death is part of life and you must continue to live, to love and to create, mourn fear and reconsider the beauty and divinity of life, to rediscover the sacred in your daily life by raising the mundane to the level of the divine.

Celebrating life is respecting death and respecting life is celebrating death; living fully conscious and loving of your own nature. This celebration of life and death is neither obscene nor indecent; it is the purest expression of love on Earth, it is the very respect for our deep nature, for our humanity; it therefore deserves only the best, the most beautiful and the highest, it deserves all your love.

To express this love
most accurately, you are offered the opportunity to refocus, literally, on what matters most: your emotions and emotional state, through physical isolation.

From this intense and sudden deprivation of your habits and supports, you are offered the opportunity to experience your own divinity, your inner sovereignty that can raise you to the highest level of consciousness and love if you let yourself be.

The tips offered by the cards are as follows: take care of yourself, your health depends not only on your body, but also on the relationship you have with it; your state of mind, your emotional and psychological hygiene, but also the awareness you have of yourself and the love you gift yourself everyday, are all the supports you must rely on during these difficult times.

If you know yourself a little bit, you know how to calm yourself down and relax, you have a healthy emotional hygiene and you know how to communicate your emotions, what you feel, clearly; if so, set an example and share your tools with others!

If you are afraid and do not know exactly what to do to relax, it is recommended that you take care of yourself and find an activity that requires your full attention, in order to put aside your concerns for a while.

Repeat the operation as many times as necessary
: when you are preparing breakfast, concentrate totally on this task, when you are washing your body, focus totally on the well-being that it brings you, when you get bored don’t force yourself to do anything, let the inspiration come, but always pick something that really does you good, that makes you laugh, smile etc.

Here are some tools to use daily: listen to soft music that allows you to relax, practice meditation, watch humorous series or comedy shows, create, sing, make jokes etc. Create freely and express your personality with authenticity in everything you do!

From this derives your freedom
, accept your fear because it is natural, do not give it more power over you or of importance than it really has! It is a tool that must serve you to refocus on what really counts: love and listening to your essential needs!

Refocus now with the following statements: 

"All is completed in the divine Spirit. Therefore, my demonstration is complete - my work perfect, my home perfect, my health perfect."
"I entrust this burden of resentment to my inner Christ and I walk freely in love, harmony and happiness."
"Man is a perfect idea of the divine Spirit and He is always in the right place; therefore my brother is in the right place and he is divinely protected."
"I place this situation in the hands of infinite Love and Wisdom, if this [indicate what concerns you for example Covid 19 - corona virus or other] is part of the divine plan, I bless it and I no longer oppose it. If not, I am thankful for the fact that it is now cancelled and forgotten."


The materiel plan represents your body, your immediate reality and the world in which you move every day.

The Ten of Cup announces that happiness is present
in your daily life, internally and with your loved ones, you take care of your home and body, you love your family and experience unexpected happiness shared in unusual circumstances.

However, in order to maintain harmony, it is advisable to pay attention to your words, to limit chatter and gossip, for they spread heaviness, unconsciousness and judgment, which are sources of dissension, lies and cover-up that lead to lack of confidence, confusion, misunderstanding and anger.

Your voice is a creative force, focus on how you feel and share your feelings with accuracy and wit. You must be open, kind and understanding, everyone, including yourself, will be grateful!

Combined with the Knight of cup, this situation heralds unexpected opportunities and connections that you need to take advantage of, while remaining alert and aware of your positioning.

These connections and opportunities are made through surprising, diverse and varied sources.

From your openness, your flexibility and your love for yourself derives all of your greatest good. Your ability to listen opens the doors of infinite abundance, revealed by circumstances. Your faith in life and in yourself is your strength in the face of the unknown and change. Remain faithful to yourself!

Current circumstances are also a challenge that forces you to break with relationships, habits and behaviors that no longer need to be in your life. This period allows you to open your eyes to that which you really want to experience on a daily basis.

Thus you can most naturally, out of all social judgment, live the life you dream of and find the means to incarnate it in everyday life with more justness and respect; your example is inspiring, be gentle towards yourself and towards others, communicate with kindness and respect.

The four of Sword represents the loneliness necessary for the warrior’s rest. If you resist, if you feel hindered or imprisoned in this situation, it is because you are clinging to something that prevents you from being fully yourself.

You struggle against your own nature.
Be thankful because it is this suffering, pain or discomfort that allows you to highlight what really blocks you: your work weighs on you, take time to pause when you need it and identify the causes of your evil-be; your spouse or family is tiring you, take time for you by redistributing roles and setting the boundaries you need etc.

Do this work for you, this period is temporary, but the changes you make now can be anchored in the long term if you decide to do so!

The seven of a wand tells you that everything is for the best, the situation is perfect and you are perfectly in your place. From your authenticity and respect for your needs flows your success, you no longer need to fight to get what is most right for you because today, the world is realizing that it is this respect for oneself and from others that derives true abundance.

Turn your tongue seven times in your mouth before speaking, speak little but speak well and use silence to your advantage, not as a weapon, but as a tool of justness and peace. The conditions are favorable for sharing and exchanging on important topics in an intelligent and constructive way, rather than engaging in unnecessary chatter.

The hour is one of vigilance and lightness; remain focused and serene so as not to be carried away by hasty judgments, fears or illusions. Distance yourself from strong emotions and value judgments, use common sense and everything will be fine.

Finally, the last card of the tarot is that of the rest of the deceased, of contemplation and silence.
It invites you to consider death as a revelation and sleep as an initiation. The dead speak to you through the veil of the afterlife; all your ancestors, your family and your guides help you at every moment to grow and face life with trust and love.

You are about to experience a new reality, a radical change, an enlightenment of consciousness resulting from the silence and listening that you show during this period.
You discover a new part of your being and your reality changes for the better.

The last card drawn from the tarot of the Hebrew letters, represents Zayin, the action of Grace.

It reveals to us that the present circumstances are divinely orchestrated and that a luminous and powerful magic is at work in our lives.
Zayin represents the purifying sword, the sword of Grace that releases deep negative energies and bonds that imprison the soul.

A choice is given to you and this choice is your challenge. Will you choose to live in the past, in fear, or will you choose to live this new reality with love every day, to choose every day to embody your truth, your light and your authenticity?

For this choice is a daily commitment, a commitment to yourself and to your inner light. The real challenge is therefore interior, «because the lived consciousness of Unity is conquered».


As your evolution takes on an unprecedented acceleration, your mind faces confusion and misunderstanding; yet calm is present, birds sing, the buds bloom and the sun gives us the grace of its sweet presence.

You are now ready to experience a new reality
in every way, your heart opens up to its own light, your body and your environment are changing with you vision, yet your mind still hopes to relive the good moments of the past.

The challenge before you now is essential to your mental and material health.
A new rhythm is set in motion in your life and in the world, your ability to let yourself be carried by this new rhythm with fluidity, gratitude and benevolence will allow you to integrate this new era in serenity.

To make this transition as gracefully as possible, the spirit of the raven asks you to follow the path of Truth. It encourages you through this situation to find coherence between who you think you are now and who you know yourself to truly be in the depths of your soul; awareness of your truth and how you embody it and reveal it to others is today the only tool you need!

Show authenticity and fairness to yourself and reveal your profound nature in your words, gestures and actions, let your authenticity be revealed naturally with all the grace of the love you carry.

Express your truth with trust and love, share your light and beauty, for you are naturally beautiful, you are unique and you deserve to show yourself in all your complexity and depth.

Gift yourself this truth, it will set you free!

The sacrifice you must make is no more than the reflection you consider to be your identity, the story you think to be your reality, the character you play every day and who is only the pale and weak reflection of the most magnificent and essential being!

Ayin represents the eye of God and tells you that it is time to change your vision, to become aware of your unity with the world, of your natural connection to life: your intuition knows the truth, listen to it!

It is time to take back your power and choose to create a world in which creative thinking is at the service of the collective.
What you think, takes shape into your life, acknowledge your power and responsibility; blame and condemnation serve only to anchor heaviness and fear, choose to be loving, forgiving and peaceful, and watch the world change around you!

Watch beauty reveal itself to your gaze, when you are patient and benevolent
you allow yourself, as well as others, to reveal and manifest their most beautiful creations! Focus with confidence on what you want to see manifested in your most beautiful, loving and sincere life for yourself and the world!

What you desire for yourself and your surroundings should be what you desire for the world, because abundance spreads, multiplies naturally and fluidly when it is nourished by love. Every being is entitled to it, will you allow yourself to live it?


The Sacred geometry card tells you that “the frequency of healing strengthens your intrinsic ability to protect [your] health and balance by consciously using and harmonizing the information [your] senses transmit to [you].”

Balance, harmony and listening are therefore the source of perfect health.
An imbalance on one plan or another generates a dissonance that affects the body and all other plans, resulting on the material level in diseases and other forms of discomfort.

Your responsibility as an embodied soul, is to connect the different plans
(emotional, physical, mental and energetic health), through your senses and intuition, in order to find the source of the imbalance and to bring the necessary elements to their harmonization.

Vigilance, presence and love are your tools, you can call upon specialists who will help you balance your frequencies, harmonize your energies and generate a favorable ground for the healing of your body.

You can also adopt habits that support and strengthen your natural immunity
, following a personalized diet, taking dietary supplements, following cures and being advised by a specialist.

Follow your intuition and find a way to trust yourself, accept that you can sometimes make mistakes, that you can ask for advice and that the final choice remains yours; you are the master of your experience and you can therefore always change your mind!

The word creator, illustrated by the letter Pe, reminds you that your words are all powerful and that you are responsible for your oral expression. The body naturally reacts to the voice, so you must express positive words aloud and move away from harmful sound sources.

If this is not possible, it is essential that you show kindness to yourself and compensate for these negative excesses with love; speak aloud and reverse the negative effects of these unconscious words by uttering these words: Cancel, delete, delete! I cancel, erase and remove the influence of all the negative words that I have uttered and heard until today, by grace and in a perfect way.”

Like a drug, your words can heal you, protect you and give you all the support you need.
Take a regular dose of «unconditional love» by repeating these simple words three times in a row, three times a day: «I am Love!» ; create your own positive statements as soon as you feel heavy emotions based on your feelings of the moment!

Are you worried about the disease and going shopping? Identify your fear, accept it and ask what you would like to feel instead!

Say this: “I feel fear about corona virus – covid 19, I would like to feel safe and regain the confidence to go out peacefully.”

To support you in this phase of your life, you can use sound as a source of relaxation, well-being and self-care.
Listen to soft music using the frequency 528Hz for self-care, the frequency 417Hz to cope with change, the frequency 396Hz to free yourself from your fears or the frequency 852Hz to see the Truth clearly and develop your intuition.

You can also sing, use positive statements every day, pay attention to what you say and turn your sentences towards more positivity! It is a fun exercise to try to find a term to free yourself from your worries!

The current situation is a unique opportunity to transcend your fears and radically transform your life. You have the power to decide the meaning of your life, by the awareness of yourself and your needs, you allow yourself to ask and receive what is most just for you.

You regain confidence in life and in yourself and allow yourself to create a life more in tune with your truth.
You are more loving, more patient, more confident and more satisfied at all levels. You naturally radiate your happiness around you and the world changes as you evolve.

Your authenticity and truth are your tools, you free yourself naturally from what no longer suits you, you heal all your physical, emotional, mental and energetic ailment with fluidity, simplicity and beauty.

Listening, silence and the correct visualization of your life, naturally call for love, lightness and creativity in your daily life.
You are now free from all burdens, serene and totally confident in your evolution. Time no longer takes hold of you because you live only in the present, in the presence of your essential truth, acting always with more wisdom and awareness, always vigilant!

You are an example that others imitate naturally because you show common sense!

Life and the world thank you for you hard work!