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28 Days - Mood Tracker


Discover your daily emotional state with our mood tracker!
For a daily tracking of your emotions, download and print our mood tracker; at the end of the month you can be aware of the emotional quality of your month and decide to initiate personalized changes.
At the end of the year
, you will be able to relive your best moments; by associating it with your personal diary, you will be able to find out your personal progress, month by month!

Directions for use: Select four coloring pens and print the design. Once printed and your felts pens selected, color each leaf at the bottom of the page (between the dotted lines) with a color and indicate their meanings: joy, lightness, neutrality, sadness, heaviness etc. by trying to indicate the emotional nuances you feel most often. Then color the big leaves day after day, adding the date if necessary. You can color the leaves with a single color, dots, or hatches superimposed on the base color if you feel mixed emotions.

Order: Add the product to your cart and let it guide you! You will receive the black and white mood tracker to color yourself!

Delivery in digital format, personal use only.